A successful story continues: The International HL7
Interoperability Conference IHIC 2008, this year in Greece.

Following my Greek colleagues I invite you to come to "Hellas", the Greek
name for Greece, to exchange ideas and share experience of the latest
international developments in HL7.

Vivid standards in healthcare are characterized by well-written
specifications but most of all by well-working implementations. Groups from
around the globe have implemented HL7's healthcare information
technology standards for global interoperability. Some countries have chosen
the HL7 Version 3 family of standards as a strategy for healthcare
communications in their respective countries.

We want to share with you experiences with implementation of HL7, no matter
where implemented and regardless of the scale of the projects or financial

Hope to see you all in Greece
Dr Kai U. Heitmann
Dear colleagues,
On behalf of the organizing committee, it is my honor and pleasure to welcome you to our International HL7 Interoperability Conference - IHIC 2008.
I am excited that this meeting, our first in Greece, will be in Crete.
The technical program committee has organized a strong technical program.
You only have to think back to your own childhood to understand how rapidly technologies are changing our way of life. Think about medical data on your mobile phone, homecare devices which automatically call for assistance, robots that help surgery, even clothes that monitor your health and report back to your doctor. Far from being science fiction, you can have some recent examples of research projects in this conference.
The key to the success of any conference is the talent, enthusiasm and hard work of the local organizing committee. This committee, has done an admirable job of mounting an international conference that nevertheless will have a strong flavor of Crete!
I am certain that the meeting will be a great success, both as a technical event and as a cultural experience. Enjoy your time in Crete! I am sure that it will be memorable!

Hope to see you all in Greece.
Prof. Dimitris-Dionysis Koutsouris