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Chile Tours & Trips

Chile is an awesome destination for those backpacking in South America with some of the world’s classic trekking routes through the craggy mountains of the Torres del Paine National Park. This country has so many natural wonders such as the Patagonian rainforest and wildlife and the Easter Islands.

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  • Trek through the breathtaking Torres del Paine National Park and enjoy spectacular view of mountains and emerald lakes.
  • Take a ferry ride along the Chilean coast and enjoy the stunning landscape of the Patagonian Fiords.
  • Watch the beautiful sunset at the Tebinquiche Lagoon and Salt Mountains.
  • Go for a relaxing swim in the Cejar lagoon or in the watery craters of the Tatio Geysers Geothermal Field.
  • Discover the history behind ‘moai’ or the large-headed stone statues that dot Easter Island.
  • Visit Orongo Ceremonial Village perched on a 400m ridge and beautifully sandwiched between the Rano Kau and the ocean.
  • Go wine tasting at the Concha y Toro vineyard and learn the different stages involved in local wine making.
  • Catch a glimpse of exotic Chilean flamingos and black-necked swans at Caulin Bay.


  • When travelling by taxi, it is customary to round up the fare.
  • Banks are only open in the morning so plan your day accordingly.
  • Most shops close for a noon break till about 3 or 4pm and then stay open till 9pm.
  • Although Spanish is the national language, it is slightly different from the Latin American version.
  • When walking through the downtown area, it is best to avoid wearing expensive watches or jewellery.
  • For police assistance, call 133 and the Chilean Carabineros (National Police) will come to your aid.
  • Avoid taking photographs of military buildings or navy ships as this is against the law.
  • Tap water is safe to drink but it is hard water that comes straight from the mountains.

Chile Trip Reviews

  • "Over the years of travelling, we have seen incredible sights, met great people but the Codor experience was nothng short of amazing and fascinating. The tour guide (Fitzroy) was awesome and the incredible views of the mountains will remain with us our entire life. I have convinced everyone to try and experience how great it is to be in the mountains."
    Patagonia Hiking Adventure 'Condor'
  • "During our trip to Chile, we had a wonderful time and everything ran smoothly. We learned a lot and had fun. The places we visited were spectacular and we saw a lot of wildlife. I highly recommend Quark on your next adventure."
    Antarctic Explorer
  • "Experiencing the wondrous places in South America was the major highlight of the tour. It was a combination of smaller tours which is great because the tour guide changes in each country. Though there were intances of miscommunication between the local tour guides, the tour was still amazing. Our tour guides - Joanna in Ecuador and Martin in Chile/Argentina were impressive as they were knowledgeable, friendly and went above and beyond to give us the most exciting experience. The accommodation was better than what I had expected and always near the center of each town."
    Inca Empire