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Tours & Trips for Couples

Make your next adventure abroad one that you and your partner never forget. Choose from thousands of tours and trips travelling to incredible destinations around the world and experience the unknown together. You could be exploring vineyards in Italy, snorkelling your way through Thailand's sparkling waters or discovering the ancient wonders of Peru on tours perfect for couples! 


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Choose your next destination

Adventure Destinations for Couples

There are countless destinations around the world perfect for couples, including places like India, Thailand, and Morocco. Find the right one for you from the list below. 

Europe for Couples

Choose your next romantic holiday in Europe and explore iconic destinations like Spain, Italy, France, and many, many more. 

Budget Trips for Couples

Choose from our list of affordable romantic getaways and find a tour that fits your budget. 

River Cruises For Couples

 Choose from our list of the very best cruise destinations for couples and find a holiday-on-water worthy of your bucket list.

Unique Experiences

If you and yours are hungry for a new adrenaline-fueled adventure abroad, then consider adding these must-have experiences to your very own ultimate couple bucket list. For more inspiration, discover our top couple adventure trips

  • Sailing

    There are few better adventures to enjoy as a couple then the kind that takes you seaside. Hop aboard and go sailing through countless European countries, or instead, opt to island-hop in the Southeast. Either way, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that a getaway full of fun, sand, and sparkling waters awaits you on your next sailing trip.
    Sailing adventures
  • Safari

    Experience the rolling savannahs, the colorful wildlife, and the impressive natural wonders that spring to life on a safari trip. Enjoy excursions alongside your partner and other like-minded travellers that will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Watch in astonishment as you track wild animals on game drives, sample local cuisine, and enjoy relaxing nights under the stars.
    Safari adventures
  • Hiking and Trekking

    Craving nature or a dose of exposure to the elements? In search of a climb that's as rewarding spiritually as it is physical? Then it's high time that you and your partner take on a world-class hike or trek. Choose between jungle treks, coastal walks, and more. Experience the grandeur of Europe's tallest mountains or trek your way up South America's ancient citadels alongside your partner. 
    Hiking adventures

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will we have alone time?

    The amount of free time you have on your tour is largely up to you. No tour activities are mandatory as such, so if you prefer to opt out of an included dinner or walking tour, that choice is yours. Having said this, many tour itineraries factor in some 'free time' to explore on your own, so if you choose to break away on your own during these times, that's fine too.
  • Is it possible to get a double/queen bed?

    If you have bedding preferences, please make this clear at the time of booking. It is, however, important to note that bedding arrangements in double hotel rooms vary around the globe. Many 4-star hotels in Europe have a twin bed standard, where they will either push together or separate the beds, depending on the guest request, so don't be surprised if this is what you encounter while exploring the world.
  • I am travelling with my partner, can we share a room?

    The standard accommodation arrangement for tours is twin share, so in almost every case, you'll be in a private twin or double room by default. The only tours where this may not be an option is if the standard accommodation is in dormitories. If you're interested in a tour with dormitory accommodation, simply ask if a twin share room upgrade is available at an additional cost before booking.
  • I am travelling with my partner but we are booking separately, is that ok?

    Absolutely. Please notify your booking agent of your travel partner's name if you'd like to share a room.
  • It will be our wedding anniversary while on tour, can we organise something special to celebrate?

    While this cannot be guaranteed, it's always helpful for your tour operator to have this information in advance of your departure. At the time of booking, please let our Travel Experts know and we can pass it along to the tour operator. Then it's up to the operator of your tour, or to your tour guide to arrange something should it be possible.
  • Do many couples travel on tours or is it mainly single travellers?

    Touring is equally popular with solo travellers, couples, and friends! The travellers that will join you on your tour are completely dependent on who else books spaces for the same tour and departure date. If you're curious to get an idea of other travellers that will be on your tour, you can always ask!

Tips for travelling as a couple

You’re in a relationship. Maybe it’s new. Maybe it’s long-term. Maybe you’re celebrating your ruby anniversary! One thing’s for sure: no matter the duration of your coupling, travelling together is worth a little extra preparation. Practice these tips and tricks, written by travelling couples themselves, and enjoy a travel experience that’s as stress-free as possible. 

Set your expectations

You wouldn’t expect a flawless holiday when travelling solo, so why should travelling together be any different? Unexpected problems are a fact of life after all, and one not exclusively reserved for travelling. You might have imagined your time in Paris would be all romantic walks along the Seine, but instead ends up being food poisoning alone in your hotel room. That’s why it’s critical that each party sets some realistic expectations before the trip begins. If you’ve already mentally prepared yourself for inevitable disruptions to your plans, you can spend your energy being there for one another instead of spiralling into a dual serving of frustration and despair. 

Be willing to disagree

Strangers fight. Friends fight. You will fight. The key takeaway here is that everything from simple bickering to full-on arguments is a normal facet of any human relationship. Spend enough time with someone and you will find something to fight about. It’s how you fight (or avoiding fighting) that matters. 

When you’re sharing something as important as a holiday together, emotions can run high. This could be the trip of a lifetime for both of you, and neither want to squander it. Maybe you prefer leaping out of bed first thing in the morning while your partner enjoys sleeping in. Things that might be quirky or unimportant back home can seem impossibly frustrating while on vacation. The solution here is to slow down and accept that it’s ok to disagree. You aren’t incompatible if you fight. You haven’t ruined your trip if you argue. Simply try to hear one another’s concerns, take a moment (or an hour) and move on. 

Embrace solo moments

Even if you’re on a group tour, you can and should embrace moments for exploring your destination on your own, separate from your partner. After all, many healthy relationships strike a balance between couple time and alone time, so don’t be afraid or feel guilty about keeping this balance in place on your trip. This can also eliminate room for resentment between you both, as you’ll have to compromise on fewer aspects of your personal itineraries. 

Really want to go shopping while your partner is desperate to check out another museum? Take the free time you’re given on tour to agree to enjoy your must-have experiences separately! It will also provide an opportunity for more colourful conversation later that evening.

couple on a roadtrip
couple on a roadtrip

Bonding activities for couples on tour


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