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Europe Tours & Trips

With so many cultural experiences, it's no wonder why a European adventure is top of mind for many. Step back in time when visiting London's famous landmarks, sample the finest wines in Paris, or get lost in the alleyways of Rome. Whether you want to relax on a Danube cruise, or don your hiking boots in Iceland, there's so much to see on a tour through Europe.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Europe Tours

  • What is the best way to tour Europe?
    Europe is a big continent, and there are many different countries to explore within the region. You can tour Europe by bus, train, car, cruise or even bike! How you choose to travel is down to your personal preferences, how you want to experience the continent, and what you want to see and do along the way.
  • How many days are enough for a Europe tour?
    There are 44 different countries in Europe, so the amount of time you spend on your European trip depends on how many of those countries you want to visit, and how much time you want to spend in each one of them. We recommend at least two weeks for your first visit. You should decide which countries and cities you want to see, and plan your itinerary to make the most of your time.
  • What is the best month to visit Europe?
    Europe is fantastic all year round. Winter can be very cold, but also magical with Christmas markets and outdoor skating, while summer can be hot and sunny - but also extremely busy with tourists. Spring and autumn have milder weather and are slightly less busy. As the seasons are quite different from each other, the best month to visit depends on your personal preferences.
  • What is the typical cost of a Europe tour?
    The amount you need to budget for a trip to Europe depends on how long you're visiting, what countries you're going to, and what activities you'll be taking part in. It'll also depend on whether you choose to stay in budget or luxury accommodation. Most travellers spend between $100 and $150 per day.


  • Paris: Snack on crepes and sip wine at a classic cabaret in Paris.
  • Train: Snap panoramic vistas from your seat on a European train ride.
  • Greece: Glide on aquamarine waters and explore the islands of Greece.
  • Spain: Tantalise your tastebuds with sangrias and churros in Spain.
  • Amsterdam: Weave through canals on a bicycle in eclectic Amsterdam.
  • Road trip: Go on a road trip that covers multiple countries in minimal time.
  • Travel itinerary: Choose an itinerary to suit your style, from budget to luxury.
  • Switzerland: Test out your yodelling skills from the top of the Swiss Alps.


  • Travel: Travel to multiple countries just hours away from each other..
  • London: Step back in time and admire London's fascinating history.
  • Package tour: Book an all inclusive package tour for your own peace of mind.
  • Italy: Indulge in a food coma of authentic pasta and pizza in Italy..
  • Cruise ship: Experience the serene natural beauty of Europe on a cruise.
  • Eastern Europe: Admire the stunning scenery and rich history of the Balkans.
  • Vacation: From mountains to beaches, see why Europe is a vacation hotspot..
  • France: Fall in love with the French charm in quaint cobblestone towns.

Europe Trip Reviews

  • "Two girls who were really nervous to travel to Europe, did not have a big budget but were passionate about visiting certain cities. The transport system in Europe is good, the distance from city centre was not an issue as trains came frequently and the hotels were 5-10 away from the stations. We chose the vegetarian option although we were informed that we may not always get strictly Vegetarian food. Some days we left as early as 6.30 am. Most cities didn't feel as rushed as we expected; though it would be nice to have a whole day in Florence and Venice. The tour driver and leaders are very friendly and knowledgeable and help you out if you ask for tips and directions. Overall, the tour is a great experience and covers all the main landmarks of the Europe."
    Europe Escape - 12 Days
  • "I spent a month long honeymoon with Gayle and Dean from Expat last summer. The entire 22 day excursion throughout Europe was non stop and action packed. Gayle did an amazing job and it was an unforgettable experience. She was knowledgeable, passionate for her work, friendly, and truly the backbone of the entire trip. I strongly recommend this tour and will surely do another one."
    Best of Europe - 22 Days
  • "During our trip in Europe, Judith was our tour manager. The tour always ran smoothly, weather it be in party mode, down-time, or pulling us into line. She has a bright and energetic personality, shown only in a way that having a job she absolutely loves can bring out. Her communication skills were second to none, only matched by her co-ordination and management skills. She was always very informative, fun and professional during the tour. I had the absolute best time of my life, with the best people. It was truly a privilege to share the experience with her."
    European Experience