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Headquarters in London, England

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  • Great Britain - 7 Days reviewer 1
    Written on March 24th, 2023
    This was a phenomenal tour! Matt our tour leader and Ash our driver were truly amazing and we were able to see so much more than we possibly could have on our o…
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  • SM
    Written on March 22nd, 2023
    Well organized tour for people with limited time or to see amazing sites..and our tour guide made it fun.😊😊
  • Egypt Nile Jewel - 9 Days reviewer 3
    Written on March 18th, 2023
    Overall a good trip. The first day of the trip could of been better planned and followed the schedule that was provided. Getting up early to do a tour of Giza a…
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  • AA
    Written on March 17th, 2023
    It was a wonderful experience for us. Peter was our guide and he was always on top on things needed by the group, tool care of various activities and kept us in…
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  • Great Britain - 7 Days reviewer 5
    Written on March 16th, 2023
    Everything was excellent…team leader Matt was fantastic, so was our driver. The tour is very well planned & Matt looked after everything. Can’t thank enough 😃
  • JL
    Written on March 15th, 2023
    The sights were great, as one would expect, however, the overall time management could be better. Much of the introductory information could have been shared on…
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  • MG
    Written on March 11th, 2023
    Great experience and lots of fun.
  • A
    Written on March 9th, 2023
    Dishonest people to deal with. If you have a problem they will not get back to you
  • SR
    Written on March 8th, 2023
    We are a group of 16 travelers who used Tour radar for our Egypt & Jordan trip. Tour Radar is a lousy travel operator. From the beginning there were extremely s…
    Read more
  • MB
    Written on March 7th, 2023
    Our Tour guide Peter was absolutely awesome!!!

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About Expat Explore Travel

Expat Explore is one of the industry’s leading coach tour operators. Their core mission is #TravelMadePossible - to make travel fun, convenient and affordable for travellers from all over the world. They offer a selection of more than 60 itineraries that explore destinations across Europe, North America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.


Years ago, there was a young South African by the name of Carl Cronje, who traveled around Europe, ending up in Paris. Using only public transport and walking, he managed to explore and become familiar with the city. On his last day, and as his funds were running low, he had a difficult decision to make; to have lunch, or go on an adventure to Disneyland Paris. True to the travelers spirit, he decided to go explore Disneyland! After this initial trip to Paris, he started to take his friends around the city of love, and joined forces with another expat in Europe, Jakes Maritz. Together they started to lead tours around Europe, and as this venture of theirs grew, this was the birth of Expat Explore Travel. They founded the company wanting to offer great value tours to those travelers wanting a once in a lifetime experience. Since 2005, Expat Explore Travel has been conducting expert-led coach across Europe, and in that time they’ve added three more continents - North America, Africa and the Middle East, all the time focusing on the desire to share their knowledge and experience of amazing travel, at a competitive price.


Guaranteed departures
Massive early bird savings
Free Wi-Fi in hotels
Fantastic optional excursions

Why Expat Explore

Major Attractions, For Less
Expat Explore offers value-for-money tours, so you can see all the major attractions without it costing you a fortune. Some of the other reasons to travel with Expat Explore include:

Guaranteed departures
This means that every single date is guaranteed to depart, regardless of how many people have booked. You never have to worry about a last-minute cancellation of your tour.

Stay Connected with Wi-fi
Free wi-fi is included at all hotels in Europe & North America, so even while you’re traveling and on the road, you can stay connected with your friends and family.

Value For Money
Expat Explore tours allow you to see even more, for even less - traveling on a budget has never been so good!

Worldwide Community
Expat Explore is proud that our passengers are part of a world-wide community, who get together to enjoy some of the world's most spectacular landmarks and attractions. Expat Explore has an enthusiasm for travel and adventure, and helps other travelers from around the world realise their passion for travel and exploration. They do this through their friendly, professional tour leaders who are well-traveled industry experts - English speaking guides that over the years have shown many thousands of passengers some of the world's most amazing places!

How to Travel Safely

How to Travel Safely: Travel hygiene tips
Here at Expat Explore, the safety and well-being of our travellers and travel crew is our priority.

As the world adapts to new regulations, the tourism and hospitality industry is taking extra precautions regarding how to travel safely. We will be implementing a number of enhanced health and safety protocols on our trips. These additional precautions have been introduced to help ensure that our travellers and the Expat Explore team are as safe and protected as possible while on tour. 

Health and Safety on our Coaches
Elevated coach hygiene and safety procedures will be put into place. Our safe and comfortable coaches are cleaned and sanitized before the start of each tour and daily cleaning is maintained throughout the tour. 

In addition to the existing daily cleaning measures, face masks will be compulsory while on the coach. While our travellers are expected to pack their own masks and any necessary personal protective gear - face masks will be available for purchase from your tour leader. Whilst travelling on the coach, the option of seat rotation will be paused - which will help ensure social distancing can be maintained. Coach boarding will also be adjusted in line with social distancing measures.

Social Distancing and How to Travel Safely While on Tour
In line with precautions from various government authorities, such as the UK Foreign Office, social distancing and face masks will be necessary on tour. 

There will be changes in all walks of life due to COVID-19, including in the realm of travel. Carrying out responsible social distancing while on the coach, during city tours, on visits to landmarks, museums and more, will be necessary to help ensure the safety of yourself, the other travellers in your group and our travel crew. This extends to the use of face masks on board the coach and where necessary when visiting different destinations. We ask that our travellers familiarise themselves with the best way to use, clean and store face masks (especially if they are reusable). Travellers should bring their own face masks for use throughout the journey as well as spares. 

Travel tip: Plastic bags are good for storing used face masks.

Our Travel Crew are Trained and Here to Help
Our travel crew, which includes your tour leaders and drivers, have previously been trained for important health and hygiene needs while on tour. In addition to this, our crew will have received additional, in-depth health and hygiene training prior to embarking on any future tours. You can rest assured you will be in capable hands during your trip. For any of your pre-tour or post-tour queries, our excellent Customer Service team is available to help.

Ensuring our Trusted Partners and Service Providers Meet Increased Standards
As the world opens up for travel again, we are ensuring that our trusted partners and service providers meet our updated standards and health and hygiene requirements. In addition to ensuring the comfort and quality of our accommodation and activities for our travellers, our hotels, restaurants, local guides and companies are being carefully assessed. This is to ensure that they are up to date with the increased hygiene standards and that we are confident that they will consistently follow the necessary regulations in the future.

Along with the measures above, we ask our travellers to take personal responsibility for their own well-being and safety. On top of the usual travel hygiene practices, make sure to keep general coronavirus safety precautions in mind; wash your hands regularly, keep your distance, and be prepared with masks, sanitiser and any other personal protection equipment you may require. 

Our team is regularly reviewing government tourism and travel updates and ensuring our tours run in accordance with these regulations. We are hoping to make this adjustment to the “new normal” of travel as stress-free as possible!


These are the initiatives that this operator has in place to make your adventure more sustainable:

Supporting Destinations and Local Communities
- Hires local guides
- Brings our passengers to locally run businesses

Animal Welfare
- Does not offer any tours that include elephant riding
- We avoid places that sell/eat parts of endangered animals on tour

- Uses local transportation while on tour

- Most/all of our suppliers have sustainability programs in place

Company Culture
- Educates passengers about sustainability while on tour


Expat Explore Travel Guides

Questions & Answers

  • Will I receive payment confirmation?

    Once you have booked and paid for your tour, you will recieve a payment receipt via email within 24-48 hours.
  • Who is the tour leader?

    You will be emailed the name and contact details of your tour leader approximately one week before your tour start date.
  • Where does my tour starts?

    Most of Expat Explore tours start and finish in London, but they also have regional tours that start and finish in Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, Rome or Munich.
  • What time does the tour starts each day?

    On travel days Expat Explore like to make an early start so that you get to spend more time at each destination, however on your free days however you can choose to sleep for as long as you like!
  • What is the departure and arrival time of the tour?

    Tours that depart in London are scheduled to leave between 06:00-07:00 in the morning and arrive back in London at around 17:00-20:00 on the last day of your tour, depending on ferry crossing times and local traffic.
  • What things do I need to bring?

    You will need to bring comfortable shoes, as the trip involves a lot of walking. Also a watch is essential as time keeping is very important on tour. It is also recommended to bring spare memory cards for your camera, and a relevant adapter so you can recharge the batteries, your passport and visas.
  • What level of fitness is required on the tour?

    Travellers must be able to carry their own bags, get on and off the coach and use public transport. Our city walking tours can last up to 3 hours and certain places involve walking up and down lots of steps.
  • What is the age range for the tour?

    The average age of Expat Explore travellers is approximately 30-35 years old. However, ""older travellers"" are also more than welcome.
  • What is included in the tour price?

    The tour price includes: Accommodation for the duration of the tour, transport by private coach, breakfasts and dinner as per the itinerary, ferry crossings (where applicable), guided walking tours and excursions as well as the services of a trained tour leader.
  • What happens if visa application gets rejected?

    Visa processing can take at least 4 weeks. Should your visa application be unsuccessful, you will be able to change or cancel your tour, but standard terms and conditions (and therefore fees) will apply.
  • What if I miss the coach during the tour?

    If you miss the coach, you will have to make your own way to the next destination at your own expense.
  • What will happen if I miss the boat during the tour?

    You will have to make your own way to the next harbour at your own expense. Please ensure you are on time for all departures to avoid being left behind.
  • What if I forget or lose my passport?

    You will be unable to travel further if the tour require visas which are in your misplaced passport. Passports are an essential travel document and should be kept safe at all times.
  • Is single supplement available on the tour?

    In Egypt, twin share accommodation if offered. For solo traveller, you will be roomed with a fellow traveller of the same gender unless you select the single supplement option.
  • Is tipping recommended on tours that go to the Maldives?

    While some nationalities are not accustomed to tipping, this is a normal part of culture in the Maldives and Expat Explore recommends that you tip your guide and driver.
  • What does it mean if the tour is unavailable?

    A tour displays as unavailable if it is fully booked. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with finding an alternative.
  • Is tipping the tour leader and driver recommended?

    While some nationalities are not accustomed to tipping, this is a normal part of culture in European countries and it has become an increasingly accepted practice in all areas of the service industry, but particularly in restaurants, bars and taxis worldwide. Expat Explore recommends tip of approximately €2 - €4 per day per person travelling for your crew. Tipping is entirely voluntary and the above rate is offered as a suggested guide only.
  • I haven't travelled to this part of Europe before, is it safe to travel in Turkey?

    The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) provides travel advice for each destination and each country has a summary and general information as well as advice on safety & security, local laws & customs, entry requirements and health.
  • Is travel insurance compulsory?

    Yes, comprehensive travel insurance is compulsory on all Expat Explore trips and should be taken out at the time of booking. Please contact us for more information or visit this page for a free quote with our insurance partners, World Nomads.
  • Is it safe to travel to the Maldives?

    The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) provides travel advice for each destination and each country has a summary and general information as well as advice on safety & security, local laws & customs, entry requirements and health.
  • Is the deposit refundable?

    The deposit paid at the time of booking is non-refundable. Please contact us, we are happy to assist you in booking your Expat Explore trip.
  • Is it safe to travel in Greece?

    Travelling in Greece is generally considered safe and hassle free because Europe has a low rate of crime and corruption. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) provides travel advice for each destination and each country has a summary and general information as well as advice on safety & security, local laws & customs, entry requirements and health.
  • Is it safe to travel in Europe?

    Travelling in Europe is generally considered safe and hassle free because Europe has a low rate of crime and corruption. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) provides travel advice for each destination and each country has a summary and general information as well as advice on safety & security, local laws & customs, entry requirements and health.
  • I've never been to Egypt before, is Egypt a safe place to travel?

    Regardless of where you travel, you need to take care of your belongings, especially in crowded tourist areas; just as you would anywhere else in the world. The tour leader will be on hand to offer local advice on each area you visit. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) provides travel advice for each destination and each country has a summary and general information as well as advice on safety & security,local laws & customs, entry requirements and health.
  • I'm thinking of doing the Croatia tour, is it safe to travel in Croatia?

    Croatia has a low crime rate and travelling here is generally considered safe and hassle free. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) provides travel advice for each destination. Each country has a summary and general information as well as advice on safety & security, local laws & customs, entry requirements and health.
  • How much walking is involved on the tours?

    Walking is involved through most of the cities on the tour. Many of the cities are vast and old, often with steps and cobblestones. Walking tours can last up to 3 hours so a certain level of fitness is required.
  • How much time is spent on the coach?

    There will be some long driving days on the tour since many of the countries are vast and varied.
  • For cruise tours, how much time is spent on the boat while on tour?

    On the Croatia tour, most of the time is spent on the boat. Where possible they have also included stops at points of interest.
  • How much spending money do I need to bring?

    Spending money varies depending on how much is spent on snacks, drinks, souvenirs etc. Entrance fees to attractions and museums are not included and the tour leaders will have all the information on pricings and locations for travellers to manage their own budget.
  • How much tip should I give to the Crew?

    While some nationalities are not accustomed to tipping, this is a normal part of culture in Croatia. Service charges are not included in the tour price and therefore it is recommended to tip the Crew at your own discretion.
  • What is the luggage limitation?

    Travellers are allowed to bring one main piece of luggage weighing no more than 20kg and one small soft bag for hand luggage. On all tours you will have to carry your own luggage (e.g. into hotels and up to your room if hotels don’t have elevators).
  • How much is the visitors and port taxes?

    EUR 20- per person per week is paid to the crew since Obligatory supplement - visitor’s tax & port fees are not included.
  • What is the number of people on the tour?

    The number of travellers on the tour depends on how many people have booked on which means there could be up to 51 other passengers.
  • How to book an Expat Explore tour?

    All you will need to do is choose your tour and click the "Book Now" button. You can then select your preferred date and enter in your details for instant confirmation. TourRadar only requires a deposit of 10% to confirm your trip, however bookings made within 42 days of departure are subject to full payment at the time of booking.
  • How to get visa documents for visa application?

    We can provide travellers requiring visas with visa support documents on a request basis. Please note that you are required to pay for your tour in full in order to receive the documents. This is an embassy/consulate requirement by law.
  • How big are the cabins on the tours that are on boats?

    Expat Explore Travel exclusively uses the MS Maja on our Croatia Island Explorer Budget tour. Featuring bunk beds and shared facilities, the MS Maja carries a maximum of 22 people in 11 cabins. The ship also features a 45m squared sun deck for sunbathing. The majority of cabins are under deck but can be upgraded to an upper deck cabin; although there are only three of these available per departure. Croatia Sailing Comfort Tour: Expat Explore Travel exclusively uses the MS Dalmatinac on our Croatia Sailing Comfort tour. Featuring bunk beds and private / en-suite facilities, the MS Dalmatinac carries a maximum of 22 people in 11 twin cabins. There are no options for a third bed in the same cabin, so those with an odd number of travellers someone will have to share with another passenger or pay for a whole cabin. The ship also features a 90m squared sun deck for sunbathing. Cabins are situated on deck and below deck. ON DECK CABINS can be situated on the MAIN or on the UPPERDECK (deck on top of the main deck). Cabins BELOW DECK are actually in the hull of the boat.
  • Are there any luggage/storage facilities on the tour?

    No, Expat Explore do not have these facilities and you will be required to keep your belongings with you at all times.
  • Are package tours available?

    Expat Explore do not organise packages, you will need to book your own flights and transfers (if not included). TourRadar can book your flights and your Expat Explore tours. Please contact us and we are happy to assist you.
  • Is it recommended to change money before the tour?

    It depends on each traveller. Expat Explore do not recommend people carry large amounts of cash. Travellers can come equipped with local currency but there are also cash machines at or near most of the hotels and resorts where cash can be withdrawn.
  • Are visas needed on the tour?

    For our European tours certain nationalities may require a visa(s). Please contact the relevant embassies to confirm your visa requirements.
  • Is there a seat allocation on each traveller on the coach?

    No, Expat Explore do not allocate seats as they like to encourage travellers to change seats and get to know other travellers.
  • Is there a cabin allocation for each traveller?

    Yes, there is a cabin allocation for each traveller.
  • What are the names of the hotels on the tour?

    A full list of accommodation names and addresses will be given to you on the first day of the tour. Please contact us if you are starting the tour in Paris or Amsterdam so we can provide you with further details.
  • What is the name of the boats used on the tour?

    Expat Explore exclusively uses the MS Maja on our Croatia Island Explorer Budget tour and the MS Dalmatinac on their Croatia Sailing Comfort tour.
  • Is it possible to customize the tour based on a travellers needs?

    No, we only run the tours which are advertised on their website. You can also book your Expat Explore tour here in TourRadar, please contact us and we are happy to assist you.
  • Is it possible for a quote on the tour price to sent?

    The price that you see on the website is the price you will pay. We don't charge any additional booking fees or credit card surcharges.
  • Is triple room available on the tour?

    Triple rooms are generally provided on request but it is not guaranteed to be available in every destination. In some European hotels, the triple may be a double and a single bed, or the third bed may be a pull-out or bunk-bed. If a triple room is not provided, the rooming will consist of one twin room and the third passenger sharing with another single traveller of the same gender.
  • Can you help with pre/post tour accommodation?

    Please contact us, we are happy to assist you with pre/post tour accommodation as well as booking your Expat Explore tour.
  • Can you cater travellers with dietary requirements?

    Yes, Expat Explore will do their best to cater your requests. Before the tour starts you will receive an email from them requesting your dietary requirements. There is always a vegetarian option which is a meal without meat.
  • Is it possible to start/finish the tour at a different location?

    You can leave the tour at any point along the itinerary if you wish. Please note that there is no discount for starting and/or finishing the tour late/early. Please contact us and we are happy to assist you in booking your Expat Explore tour and provide you with all tour information.
  • Is it possible to bring my own drinks?

    It is not allowed to bring and to consume your own drinks on the boat. You can get your drinks at the boat’s salon in the restaurant. The bar is equipped with different alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The drinks you consume will be noted on your account.
  • Is there Wi-Fi access on tour?

    As part of your Expat Explore tour, all our hotels offer wi-fi, which is available free of charge. In certain hotels this will be available in the hotel lobby only, while in others you will be able to get access in your room. All cities and towns have internet cafés where you can access the internet; opening hours will vary but the coaches do not have Wi-Fi on board.
  • Are flights included in the tour price?

    No, flights are not included in the tour price. You will need to make your own arrangements to get to the meeting destination for the first day of your tour. Please contact us, we are happy to assist you.
  • Are children allowed on the tour?

    Expat Explore tours are not suitable for young children, so the minimum age limit of 12 years old. However, at the discretion of Expat Explore they may consider younger children on certain tours if they meet certain criteria and a request is received in writing via email for consideration.

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