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Best Child-Friendly Tours

What to Expect on a Family Adventure

  • colourful encanto streets in colombia

    Activities for all ages

    With trips designed to immerse yourself into your very own Disney movie, action-packed activities to satisfy even the toughest of critics, and outdoor adventure playgrounds to ignite even the eldest soul, family tours feature an array of excursions the whole family will love.

  • tours with child-friendly resorts

    Child-friendly accommodation

    No more arguing over who gets the bigger bed! From family-run hotels with swimming pools and child-friendly resorts that even have a little something for the parents too, family adventures include accommodation types suitable for all ages and all types of adventures.

  • family road trip with TourRadar

    Added flexibility

    Kids are unpredictable. Despite our best efforts as parents, things don't always go according to plan which is why most family tours allow extra time for activities and offer days without a guide. Tailor-made family trips are also a popular tour option for those wanting to guarantee plenty of time.

  • family adventures in lapland

    Childhood memories, unlocked!

    We all have a childhood memory we look back on as one of the best times in our lives. Creating memorable adventures as a family is a treasured experience, whether you're spying on the big cats on an African safari, or sailing by the colorful towns of the Amalfi Coast.

    Private and tailor-made family adventures

    Private & Tailor-Made Family Adventures

    Can't find a tour to suit the needs of your family? Perhaps you'd like to add on a destination, change your mode of transportation, or reserve some free time in your itinerary? Simply submit a request for a private adventure tailored to you and your family.

    ✓ Choose your own dates
    ✓ Add or remove activities
    ✓ Customize your itinerary 
    ✓ Upgrade accommodation
    ✓ Meals for all preferences


    Best Family-Friendly Holiday Destinations

    Family Tours Around the World

    Narrowing down the best holiday destinations for families can be difficult when there's a whole world to play in! Each country offers an array of activities fun for the whole family, from surfing lessons and tree-top adventures in Mexico, to sailing like a pirate along the sparkling shores of the Mediterranean.

    Family Adventures for Everyone

    Best Budget Family Tours

    Top Tours for Teenagers

    • italy tours for familes with teenagers

      The boredom buster!

      Okay, so this may not be the actual name of the tour, but it definitely rings true! This action-packed adventure in Sicily lies in the heart of the Mediterranean, making a summer escape here a teenage dream. With a day to let loose at an award-winning water park, snorkeling and sea kayaking on crystal-clear waters and plenty of pasta and gnocchi on the menu, it's hard to say no to this family-friendly tour. Traveling in a group of families with kids over 11, there's plenty of fun, friends, and sunshine awaiting you. Oh, and did we mention that you spend the night in a suspended tree tent after a day packed full of tree-top activities! 

      Tour: Family Sicily Multi-Activity Adventure
      Operator: Explore!

    • USA tours for families with teenagers

      Backyard, but better

      Quiz time! What do you get when you let a teenager create their own itinerary on the USA West Coast? I'm not sure either, but something tells me this tour would pretty much hit the nail on the head. Starting in the hyped-up city of Los Angeles, adding on an afternoon in the Californian surf, stopping at the Grand Canyon for your 'been there, done that' moment, and a stop along the Las Vegas strip (family-friendly style of course!) Wait, we're not done yet! Chuck in a day pass to Universal Studios, a sunset pizza dinner, and plenty of time to chill out in Yosemite and you have an action-packed cocktail of family fun! Even if you're from the US, this small group adventure is like exploring your very own backyard, but better!

      Tour: Pacific & Parks Family Holiday
      Operator: Exodus Travels

    • Solo adventures for teens

      Go solo for a cause!

      We get it - you might not always want to vacay with the parents around, so for those who prefer to go it alone, we've dug up this hidden gem! Running volunteer programs all over the world, GVI pairs a tropical Thailand escape with the United Nations Development Goals to bring you a tour for a cause. Exclusively for 14-17 year olds, this tour package brings teens from every corner of the globe to volunteer at a sea turtle conservation center, splash around in jungle waterfalls, kayak through mangrove forests, partake in beach cleanups, and visit some of Thailand’s most beautiful temples and beaches.

      Tour: Thailand Cultural Immersion & Adventure Tour for Teens 
      Operator: GVI

      Your Family Adventure Questions, Answered

      • Why should I take my family on an adventure trip?

        There are so many fantastic reasons to book an adventure holiday for your family; not only will you make unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime, but this type of trip is also a great way to introduce your kids to new cultures and broaden their horizons.
      • What types of family-friendly activities can I book?

        At TourRadar, you’ll find an array of family-friendly trips with itineraries for all ages, interests, and budgets — whether you want to learn to surf, hike through breathtaking national parks, come face-to-face with extraordinary wildlife, or step out of your comfort zone with adrenaline-pumping pursuits, we've got it all! 
      • How much does a family adventure holiday cost?

        The cost of your family adventure vacation will vary depending on several factors, including the type of tour you select, the operator you book with, and the destination you choose to travel to.
      • What is the minimum age requirement for children?

        This will vary widely depending on your chosen tour and destination; however, our range of family tours includes trips for families with children of all ages, from newborns to teens.
      • What are the best family-friendly tour companies?

        Renowned tour operators such as G Adventures and Intrepid Travel offer a range of family-friendly tours specially tailored to groups of young and mature adventurers, but you’ll find a whole host of trusted companies to choose from on TourRadar.
      • What makes a family-friendly tour operator?

        Family-friendly tour operators design their trips to suit adventurers of all ages. That means you’ll find specially crafted tours featuring expert guides, kid-friendly excursions and activities, and hotels with amenities designed for families (plus free time to bond with your loved ones).

      Best Tour Companies for Family Adventures

      It's not easy to choose the best tour operator for families, but these are highly-rated by our past travelers!

      Your Last-Minute Family Packing List