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What to Expect on a Hiking Adventure

  • A man celebrating reaching a mountain peak high above the clouds on a trekking trip

    Discover a hidden world

    Meander through verdant forests and past pristine lakes to reveal views only a few have seen before. Be rewarded for your hard-earned efforts by savouring panoramic vistas that are guaranteed to make your challenging journey completely, and utterly, worth it!

  • A mountain hut in the Austrian Alps on a popular hiking route

    Good old rest n' relaxation

    After your days' adventure, there's nothing quite like soothing your muscles and taking a break. That's the beauty of an organised hiking trip, everything's taken care of - from a hearty meal ready to fuel the day ahead to a luxury hotel spa calling your name.

  • A group of hikers sharing stories over a campfire together

    Share your passion

    Beautiful things happen when we push ourselves and very few people can relate to that. Connect with those who share the same passion as you on a group hiking trip. Recount stories over a beer at an Old English pub, or marvel at starry skies together over a campfire on a mountain trek.

  • An elderly couple smiling as they walk along the Appalachian Trail, USA

    Escape to nature

    Whether you're seeking complete solitude on a self-guided walk or achieving a life-long goal with a loved one on a private hike, a trip amongst nature creates the perfect escape, giving us a chance to disconnect from the nine-to-five and reconnect with what truly grounds us. 

Hiking Tours in Morocco

Trek through the High Atlas with us!

The Atlas Mountains extend across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, and hiking or trekking in them is a treat, no matter your experience or ability. Exploring this area means everything from hiking steep cliffs to wandering alongside streams and rivers. Adventurers lucky enough to explore this region have the opportunity to climb to the highest peak, Toubkal

Climb with assistance from local porters, join a group tour, or attempt to discover the Atlas Mountains on your own. The satisfaction of reaching the top is almost as incredible as the views you’ll find there. Partnered with a Sahara adventure, explore the area on foot, or, if you’re feeling daring, try a guided camel ride and do things the old-fashioned way. It’s a must for anyone who’s ever dreamed of visiting this North African gem!
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Your Hiking Questions, Answered

  • How do I know a hiking tour is right for me?

    If your favourite thing about travelling is exploring new and exciting destinations, training for the trip of a lifetime or seeking peaks that take your breath away, then a hiking adventure is for you. With your accommodation, meals and supplies sorted, an organised hiking adventure takes the stress away so that you can fully enjoy your journey!
  • Is there camping on a hiking trip?

    In general, if you're heading off to a remote location (like a mountain trek) sometimes you have no choice but to camp or sleep in mountain huts. Depending on your location, your tour operator may have alternate accommodation options available. If you don't like "roughing it", then perhaps our luxury hikes with stays in resorts or hotels are more suitable!
  • Do I need to train for a hiking tour?

    Not if you don't want to! The best thing about booking your hiking adventure on TourRadar is that you can decide your own difficulty - from relaxing walks to heart-pumping expeditions! Simply filter down your hiking adventure until you find one that ticks all of the boxes, if you're still not sure then reach out to us, we'd be happy to help!
  • Where is the packing list for my hike?

    Once you have booked your hiking adventure, our Travel Experts will send you your travel documents which include a packing list. It's important to ensure that you have appropriate hiking equipment to fully enjoy your trip.
  • Can I combine Adventure Styles?

    Yes absolutely! Although, have you considered an active adventure or an explorer tour instead? These two Adventure styles combine various activities and cultural experiences to craft the ultimate adventure (including hiking), so if you're looking for a tour that has everything, definitely check those out!
  • How do I book a hiking adventure on TourRadar?

    Find your next hiking adventure by searching through our tours until you find one that stands out. Simply choose your dates and fill out your details to secure your trip. If you have any questions along the way, our Travel Experts are standing by 24/7!

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Best Tour Companies for Hiking Adventures

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    Organising a pilgrimage or walk can sometimes be stressful with accommodation, luggage transfer services, meals and more to consider. Booking a walking tour is seamless and stress-free, as a good walking company will arrange everything to suit your needs. There's nothing quite like ending a days' adventure with luggage already in your room and a hearty meal waiting for you. Find out more with our guide to finding the best walking company.
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