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Indonesia Tours & Trips

Indonesia comprises over 17,000 islands, and offers a multitude of activities such as kayaking, island hopping, yoga in picturesque Ubud or exploring Borneo. Travellers can enjoy unbelievable trekkings adventure up Mt Rinjani. Visit Rinka Island to see the amazing Komodo dragons and chill out on Bali's sandy beaches.

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  • Volunteer at a wildlife rescue centre and help take care of orangutans, sun bears and monkeys.
  • Hike to the summit of Gunung Batur, the most sacred mountain in Bali, to watch the sunrise.
  • Go downhill cycling, with stunning views of Bali’s highest volcano.
  • Watch the monkeys play while visiting the impressive temple in Muncan.
  • Hold on tight for an exciting river rafting tour followed by an exceptional Balinese lunch.
  • Watch as a circle of up to 100 men chant rhythmically to tell the saga of a monkey king and his warriors.
  • Visit the world's largest Buddhist monument, which took more than 75 years to construct.
  • Enjoy the beaches on the island of Gili Trawangan, where there is no motorised transport, only horse drawn carts!


  • Indonesian is the official language of Indonesia. English can be hard to find outside of tourist areas.
  • The currency in Indonesia is called the rupiah. Credit cards are accepted widely but you’ll need cash in smaller towns. ATM’s are easy to find.
  • Leave a tip of around 10% if it hasn’t already been added to your bill.
  • Don’t leave Indonesia without a ship kite, a colourful sarong and a wayang puppet.
  • Try sweet martabak from a street vendor! Don’t even use tap water to brush your teeth. Drink bottled only.
  • Indonesia is hot! Pack light clothes in natural fibres. Dress modestly (no shorts!) while visiting religious sites.
  • There are more active volcanoes in Indonesia (400) than any other country in the world.
  • Many Balinese have their teeth filed down to prevent the vices of anger, confusion, jealousy, drunkenness,desire and greed from entering the body

Indonesia Trip Reviews

  • "The tour we had was amazing from start to finish. Our tour guide (Emily) was helpful in providing us information and arranged our airport pick up a few weeks before the tour started. The accommodation was better than we expected. Emily was really good at getting us to bond with other passengers through group dinners and exploring other places. Overall, the tour was fantastic as Emily showed us lots of beautiful sights and it was a memorable trip."
    Wanderlands Bali - 8 Days
  • "This tour highlights what Bali has to offer. Some of the most memorable activities we had on the tour were snorkelling in the Gili Islands and having lunch over an active volcano. I would have loved to have more time in Ubud and less time in Kuta but overall it was a great tour which I highly recommend to everyone"
    Wanderlands Bali - 8 Days
  • "I got to experience the most amazing trip. Our tour guide (James) was awesome and I also met some incredible people. It was truly a memorable way to experience Bali."
    Wanderlands Bali - 8 Days