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Japan Tours & Trips 2023/2024

Imagine yourself stepping into your very own Japanese postcard - admire the cherry blossoms and the snow-capped peak of Mount Fuji, ride the legendary bullet train to Osaka, enjoy the spas of Hokkaido or explore the futuristic metropolis of Tokyo. With a rich history, diverse landscapes, unique traditions, and mouth-watering delicacies, a tour of Japan is a cultural paradise. Trek the Nakasendō trail, sleep in your very own ryokan or wander through temples with a geisha in Kyoto. However you choose to travel, these Japanese vacation package deals have something for everyone. See these self-guided adventures, or the best 1 week, 2 weeks & 3 week Japan itineraries for more inspiration!

228 Japan tour packages in 2023/2024 with 2,002 reviews

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  • Tokyo: After arriving in the capital of Japan visit the Tokyo Tower and sing in one of the karaoke bars in Shibuya.
  • Kyoto: Take a walk in the Geisha district or in the bamboo forest of Arashiyama.
  • Osaka: Experience Japanese culinary highlights such as ramen, tofu or sushi.
  • Hakone & Mt Fuji: Relax in a traditional onsen & hike the famous volcano.
  • Japanese Alps: Take the Shinkansen to drive all the way to Toyama.
  • Takayama: Participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.
  • Hiroshima: Find out what happened in WW2.
  • Miyajima island: Pet a deer & visit the famous Itsukushima Shrine.


  • Tipping is not done in Japan…..anywhere! Service-people are paid a living wage.
  • Japanese currency is called Yen. Carry at least 20,000 yen in cash with you. Many establishments don’t accept credit cards.
  • Water is safe to drink. You can refill at any public fountain without worry.
  • Language can be a challenge. Carry a notepad with you to write down what you want, or even draw it if need be.
  • Don’t leave Japan without some stationary, green tea and a pair of Geta wooden shoes.
  • Pack layers so you’ll be prepared. Be sure your socks are in good shape! You’ll need to remove you shoes quite often to go inside.
  • Manners are very important in Japan. The polite greeting in Japan is the bow.
  • Imitate the bows you receive – don’t overbow or ignore the greeting.
  • Japan has around 5.5 million vending machines. You can find them on almost every block.

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