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Latin America Tours & Trips

Meet locals who celebrate their heritage through their infectious love of festivals and food, uncover the secrets of the past at Machu Picchu and Teotihuacán or be amazed by the dry plains of the Atacama Desert and Uyuni Salt Flats. From the turquoise waters of Playa del Carmen to the Gateway of Antarctica in Ushuaia, an adventure in Latin America is both unpredictable and exciting, whether you want to explore a colorful underwater world in Belize, marvel at the wonders of Iguassu Falls or taste Caribbean delicacies in Cartagena.

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  • Let the sense of awe wash over you with a visit to Machu Picchu, Peru.
  • Relax on the beach at El Agua, Venezuela or get active and party on the sands of Ipanema, Brazil.
  • Picture yourself next to the “Easter Island heads” in breathtaking Chile.
  • Your taste buds will thank you for the steaks in Argentina, the ceviche in Peru and the wine of Chile.
  • Party away at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Learn to tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Visit an atmospheric contemporary art gallery in Uruguay that was once a jail.
  • See firsthand why Charles Darwin fell for the creatures of the Galapagos Islands.


  • Be prepared for all sorts of weather. South America has everything from heat and humidity in the tropical rainforests, dryer heat in the deserts and cooler climate in the mountains.
  • Dust off your Spanish dictionaries. A few key phrases will go a long way.
  • Take advantage of street vendors for a hearty, cheap lunch wherever you are.
  • Shop for textiles in Ecuador, Alpaca goods in Peru and colourful handicrafts, leather and jewellery continentwide.
  • Travel expenses depend largely on your travel style but it’s safe to say Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia are cheaperthan Brazil, Columbia and Chile.
  • A tip of 10% is suitable at restaurants. In Ecuador and Peru you’ll find it’s already added to your bill.
  • Most nations in South America use a handshake with steady eye contact for first meetings.
  • More than 20% of Earth’s oxygen is produced in South America.

Latin America Trip Reviews

  • "This is my 6th trip with Free & Easy Traveler after travelling with them for 4 years now. Wandering the Incan world with 20 new people has never been this amazing. Taylor and Cole were so cool to give us lots of information. The transportation between locations is pretty much comfortable and I love how they would stop along the way if we spot something amazing. The train rides were my favourite! Macchu Picchu was breathtaking, It was also a privilege to stay with the locals on Lake Titicaca where they fed us and took us in for the night. The time allotted for each location is just enough to see everything but it leaves you wanting more. I just wish I could stay a little longer. I will surely go back to this beautiful country in the future. Thank you Free & Easy for another adventure!"
    Peru Trip: 20 Days - Wander Through the Incan World
  • "I absolutely had the best time on this tour. It was jam packed with adventures travelling with 15 other travellers. I won’t change a bit about it. We did every single thing I hoped to do in South America. If ever you’re thinking twice about this tour - don’t. Just do it! The tour guides were terrific, the group size is good and the activities were excellent I am so happy to have chosen this tour."
    Rio to Lima: Machu Picchu & Markets
  • "What an amazing South America tour experience! I was so anxious to go tour alone but found out I had nothing to worry about. Everything was well planned out! It was perfect for young travellers seeking adventure like me. The homestay in the amazon jungle was the best part. The family were so accommodating to share their lifestyle with us. I would go again in a heartbeat!"
    Quito to Lima: Surf Towns & Hot Springs