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Namibia Tours & Trips

If you haven’t heard of ‘the Big 5’, then savour this experience on a Namibia safari adventure of Etosha National Park, where you will see them all: lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant. But Namibia is famous also for the Atlantic beaches of Swakopmund, wildlife of Walvis Bay and the capital Windhoek. Book your Namibia tour now!

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  • Catch a glimpse of wild game at the many watering holes of the Etosha National Park.
  • Enjoy the spectacular sunset over the beautiful Naukluft mountain range.
  • Go on a two-hour sand-boarding adventure near Sesriem and spend the night under the desert sky.
  • Take photographs at Deadvlei, a clay pan famous for its dark camel thorn trees and a contrasting bleached-white floor.
  • Get adventurous and track wild cheetahs at the N/a'ankuse Namib Conservation Centre.
  • Explore the golden sand dunes at Sossusvlei and use your hands and knees to scramble up to the very top.
  • Visit Swakopmund, a coastal town that reflects rich German colonial architecture, half-timbered homes and beautiful seaside promenades.
  • Spend some time in the company of flamingos at the harbour town of Walvis Bay.


  • Most shops follow a fixed price system but you can bargain when buying from street vendors or at open markets.
  • While out camping, avoid drinking river water as it could be unclean.
  • Namibians are open to Western clothing so women can safely wear pants or even shorts.
  • When greeting the locals you can say ‘Howzit?’ which means ‘How are you?’.
  • Tipping at national reserves and parks is against the law and is only expected at high-end tourist establishments.
  • Wear layered clothing as the days can be hot and the nights quite chilly. On game drives, opt for neutral coloured cotton fabrics paired with a jacket.
  • Wear hiking boots or a sturdy pair of walking shoes to stay comfortable on treks through the desert.
  • Carry an adequate supply of water to stay hydrated in this dry desert country.

Namibia Trip Reviews

  • "I had a terrific six days visiting Namibia for the fist time. The balance of the tour between wildlife, Swakapmund and the desert was great. The group is about the right size to know everyone in a short period of time. We had one of the best tour guide who was very informative, humurous and practical. Overall it was a memorable experience."
    6 Day Dunes & Wildlife Accommodated Safari
  • "During my trip to Botswana and Zambia with Adventure Life, I had a wonderful time with seamless transitions from camp to camp and the tour guides were great. I would highly recommend Adventure Life for African travel."
    Namibia by Land
  • "Seeing Namibia with Beanie was a fun and an amazing experience. She a high level of knowledge about the country, will help you see things in a great perspective and also a great cook. I'd go on another safari with Beanie in a heartbeat!"
    7 Day Namibian Highlights