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North America Tours & Trips

Our escorted tours of North America will take you through the breathtaking scenery of Niagara Falls and Alaska, the East Coast or Canada West Coast, and more. Stay close to nature by visiting the Yellowstone National Park, the Canadian Rockies or Hawaii with adventure packages that are both affordable and high quality.

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  • Listen to the gurgling sounds of spouting geysers and steaming hot springs at Yellowstone National Park.
  • Exchange cowboy stories while sitting around a warm campfire in a secluded ranch in Utah.
  • Enjoy a jazz-age cocktail, watch a pink-washed sunset or get a healthy tan at one of the sun-drenched blonde beaches of Los Angeles.
  • Indulge in hedonistic excesses at the neon-lit gambling metropolis of Las Vegas, the sin city of U.S.A.
  • Explore the intriguing natural wilderness of fjords and national parks in Alaska.
  • Learn more about legendary American history in the museums and monuments of Washington DC, USA.
  • Say hello to Lady Liberty, hit the gourmet food-truck scene, catch a Broadway show and enjoy the misty spray at the base of the thundering Niagara Falls in New York.
  • Marvel at the sight of polar bears plodding across pristine tracts of wilderness at Churchill.
  • Breathe in crisp mountain air in the majestic Canadian Rockies and swim in the serene, glacier fed lakes of Banff National Park, Canada.


  • Be prepared to show official documents for identification while using credit and bank affiliated debit cards in stores and shops across the U.S.
  • It is prohibited to bring cameras and other personal electronic equipment inside casinos.
  • Expect a large crowd but don’t let that deter you when you go to see Old Faithful spout. You’ll also find many other geysers near the Firehole River
  • Sample or buy some of Canada’s famous local ales which are produced in microbreweries.
  • Don’t forget to sample some of Quebec’s cheeses, Ontario’s maple syrup and salmon candy while in Canada.
  • Try quintessential U.S. cuisine such as hamburgers, barbeque, fried chicken and New York style cheesecake.
  • Wear weather-friendly sensible clothes and comfortable walking shoes with good ankle support so you won’t tire out easily on long walks.
  • Tipping is considered the norm especially for bellboys, bartenders, concierges, taxi drivers, waiters, delivery folks and at salons, etc.

North America Trip Reviews

  • "I had so much fun on this tour and it was the perfect way to see everything Mexico has to offer apart from the beaches. We were given flexibility by our tour leader, we did day trips or took the day off to chill out with new friends. Our tour leader really made this trip enjoyable, he knew so much about each city, suggestions for tour guides and activities were on point, had good tips on where to dine and have a great night out that were easy on the wallet and he was very sociable and made it a relaxed and easy environment for us to interact."
    Mexico Unplugged
  • "We had a great time on this trip. Our amazing tour leaders (John Early and Kyle Stephens) were knowledgeable about every place we went and made sure we got the most out of every place. The actual trip was a great mix of relaxation and fun with options to suit every personality. Over all I would recommend this trip to all of my friends"
    20 Days in Nicaragua - The Secret of Central America
  • "This trip was the adventure I've always dreamed of . I had fun and made a new family of friends that I love with all my heart. I've already booked another trip with FNEZ. There is no better way to travel!!!"
    Costa Rica & Panama Trip: 11 Days - Caribbean Retreat