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What to Expect on an Overland Adventure

  • Two giraffes next to an Overland truck at Murchison Falls National Park, Africa

    Long drives worth the wait

    From the sparkling salt flats of Uyuni to the dry arid plains of Dead Vlei, an Overland itinerary is packed full of unique travel experiences well worth the long drives to get there. With remote locations that only the locals know and a true escape from your day-to-day, the dirty wheels of an Overland truck have been alluring explorers for decades!

  • The starry night skies above Dead Vlei, Namibia

    A wilderness escape

    Do you dream of switching off and just taking some quality time out? With desolate destinations that are not on your typical tourist itinerary, Overlanding is the ultimate wilderness escape. From stays in the heart of game reserves to authentic local experiences, you'll return with captivating stories and an album full of treasured memories.

  • Three travellers basking in the sun under the Natural Arch in Damaraland, Skeleton Coast

    Plenty of free time

    It's not unusual for an Overland adventure to span several weeks or even months! For those looking for a bucket-list itinerary or a way to celebrate a milestone, a cross-continent Overlanding experience is guaranteed to tick all of your boxes - and with ample free time, you won't want to leave!

  • A young woman gazing out at an elephant whilst on safari in Etosha National Park

    One-of-a-kind experiences

    Get up close to the human-like primates of Rwanda, race down the terracotta dunes of Sossusvlei, set your sights on the Inca ruins of the Andes, or try your hand at catching the waves on Australia's golden coast. With itineraries packed full of adventure, an Overland trip really does have it all!

African overland trips

Let's go overlanding in Namibia!

Is there any kind of travel experience more exciting, more exhilarating, and more unique than an overland adventure? From the incredible wildlife to the all-in-one accommodation and everything in between, get ready for a serious case of travel jealousy as we go overlanding in Namibia!

While the classic Jeep is an iconic safari vehicle, an overland truck is perfect for those looking to embrace their inner explorer! With high elevation to increase visibility, single windows so you have the view all to yourself, and plenty of storage to keep all of your valuables - there's no better excuse to go on an extended safari vacation.
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The inside and outside of an Africa4Us Overland Truck

What is an Overland Truck?

You're about to set off on an adventure spanning several days with an overland truck being your home away from home for a while, so let's learn a little more about the vehicle you will trudging across the continent in. 

To put it simply, an overland truck is a purpose-built, all-terrain vehicle that is equipped with everything you need for your adventure. It's generally packed with tents, acts as a source of electricity in remote places, and features large storage spaces where you can store food or luggage, perfect for long journeys and expeditions. As it's an all-terrain vehicle, you can expect long journeys on often bumpy roads in typically remote locations, giving you a true wilderness escape and an unbeatable travel experience that's off-the-beaten-track.

A typical overland truck features
✓ Coach-style seats with large windows, perfect for photographers so that you don't miss the amazing views (and wildlife sightings!) along the way
✓ Onboard plugs or USB ports to charge your devices and share tales of your endeavours
✓ Camping and cooking equipment for those times where there's not a single hotel in sight
✓ A kit for all kinds of emergencies, from little injuries to getting stuck in the mud (literally!)

Depending on your adventure operator, your overland truck could have different features. For more information about the vehicle on your trip please contact your Travel Expert.

Most Popular Destinations for an Overland Trip

Best Continents for Overlanding

Elephants walking at Chobe National Park

A Top-Rated Overland Adventure You’ll Love

After combing through hundreds of itineraries and traveller reviews, our Travel Experts noticed one trip that stood out from the rest: Southern African Magic Accommodated, a 14-day travel package operated by Acacia Adventure Holidays that covers must-see destinations like Kruger National Park, Victoria Falls, Okavango Delta and more.

✓ Marvel at the breathtaking views of thunderous Victoria Falls
✓ Journey past deep canyons and towering mountains
✓ Witness lions in their natural habitat as kings of the plains
✓ Relax on a sunset cruise along the Zambezi River

Age Range: 8 to 99 years
Suitable For: Solo travellers, couples, families
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Your Overlanding Questions, Answered

  • How do I know an Overland tour is right for me?

    Overlanding is not just a trip it's a lifestyle, where embracing your sense of adventure and heading off-the-beaten-track offers an exhilarating and exciting travel experience. If you're seeking the very essence of adventure, or just want to witness the Circle of Life in the African wilderness, there's no better way than on an Overland trip.
  • Do I have to camp on an Overland trip?

    As Overlanding is all about embracing the outdoors, most trips will involve camping. More often than not, camping is the only accommodation option available as you'll likely be heading to remote areas, but don't shy away - the starry skies in these desolate destinations need to be seen to be believed!
  • What's the difference between a Safari and an Overland tour?

    As Overlanding is a popular way to travel in Africa, it can be hard to decide between a Safari or an Overland experience. Safari tours typically offer game drives on Jeeps, cover long distances with a coach or minibus, and offer varied accommodation options, such as safari lodges. All Overland tours feature a purpose-built vehicle that serves as your one-stop shop for your adventure - from the accommodation, right down to a make-shift kitchen for your meals!
  • Do I need to be fit for an Overland trip?

    Most Overland trips require you to be moderately active, as most of these tours involve; setting up tents, assisting with food preparation, sitting for long periods of time and driving along bumpy dirt roads, so we recommend that you're physically active to fully enjoy the experience! Of course, if you don't meet these requirements but are eager to head on an Overland adventure, please contact our Travel Experts.
  • Can I combine Adventure Styles?

    Yes absolutely! An adventure is what you make of it, so why not add on wine-tasting in France, island-hopping in the Greek Islands, or a beach escape in Tanzania.
  • How do I book an Overland trip on TourRadar?

    Find your next Overland adventure by searching through our tours until you find one that stands out. Simply choose your dates and fill out your details to secure your trip. If you have any questions along the way, our Travel Experts are standing by 24/7!

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