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Panama Tours & Trips

Welcome to Panama - a jewel in the Caribbean seas - with amazing flora and fauna in its tropical rainforests. Eco tourism abounds and caters for all budgets – backpacker, families and resort style. A adventure navigating the complicated lochs of the famous Panama Canal is not to be missed. Get inspired by our Panama vacations.

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  • Cruise along the Panama Canal, view gorgeous scenery and marvel at the fascinating mechanics of one of the world’s greatest engineering achievements.
  • Discover Panama City, a curious, bustling metropolis where charming colonial buildings hold their own against stunning metal and glass towers.
  • Savour the thrill of whitewater rafting, zip-line over forest canopies and hike near volcanoes in the verdant green mountain retreat of Boquete.
  • Breathe in the heady aroma of some of the world’s most delectable coffee on a plantation tour.
  • Explore the spectacular beaches of the palm fringed Bocas Del Toro archipelago and go diving or snorkeling to see some vibrant, colorful marine life.
  • Experience the richness and simplicity of indigenous Kuna village life at San Blas Islands.
  • Explore hidden nature trails and relax at the pristine beaches of Santa Catalina on the Pacific Coast.
  • Be mesmerized by exotic fauna and flora at Coiba Island, home to the nation’s largest national park.


  • Learn a smattering of Spanish before you travel as it will help you communicate with the locals.
  • If you’re taking a cab anywhere, remember to fix on the price before you start your journey.
  • Carry plenty of sunscreen and mosquito repellant to stay comfortable.
  • Remember to buy local wares such as beaded necklaces of the Guaymi Indians and ‘molas’ or fabric panels.
  • Be careful when trying a native spirit called Seco Herrerano. It can be quite potent.
  • Don’t harm, bother or feed wildlife. They like to be left alone.
  • Be cautious while surfing or swimming in the sea as there could be strong riptides.
  • Don’t stray deep into the jungle as you may encounter poisonous snakes or mercenaries. Your guide will mark out a safe route so follow instructions.

Panama Trip Reviews

  • "Free and Easy Traveler never fails to amaze me everytime I travel with them. From having a dose of paradise to a Caribbean retreat. I had the most unforgettable experience and I won't hesitate to have a other trip with Free and Easy."
    Costa Rica & Panama Trip: 11 Days - Caribbean Retreat
  • "On our tour to Panama, we had an awesome tour guides (Johnny and Josh) who provided us with all the things that we need to know about the trip and posted some of which on Facebook. They were knowledgeable, energetic and fun to be with which made everyone comfortable. I appreciated their efforts which the trip memorable. I would definitely recommend this tour to everyone who wants to have an adventure."
    Costa Rica & Panama Trip: 11 Days - Caribbean Retreat
  • "I had an amazing 40 days trip to Central America, Costa Rica and Panama to be exact. We saw how beautiful Puerto Viejo and Bocas de Torro, thanks to Kyle Stephens, Rory and Johnny. I never expected to such an incredible experience and fell in love with the place and the people that quickly."
    Costa Rica & Panama Trip: 11 Days - Caribbean Retreat