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Over 250 River Cruise Packages With 5,664 Reviews

Best Ways to Cruise

From family-friendly ocean liners to small ship expeditions and romantic river cruises, there are many ways where a trip on the waters offer an ideal vacation package.

  • A river cruise ship floating down the Seine River in Paris, France

    River Cruises

    Trade the man-made roads for Mother Nature's waterways on a river cruise. Experience a variety of destinations in a single trip, without the need to carry your suitcase from one port to another. Spoil yourself with a luxury wine-tasting cruise, or opt for a budget cruise where the on-shore excursions are a treat!

    Top Destinations: DanubeRhine & Nile

  • A group of penguins in Antractica gazing at a polar expedition ship

    Polar Cruises

    These bucket list cruises are the perfect way to warm up after a day exploring some of the world's coldest regions. From the Arctic to the Antarctic, polar expedition cruises serve as an all-inclusive voyage to desolate lands with onboard lectures, unique wildlife sightings and excursions that literally take your breath away!

    Top Destinations: AntarcticaGreenland & Svalbard

  • An ocean cruise liner floating on the Pacific Ocean

    Ocean Cruises

    Cruise with class in a presidential suite or bunk on a budget in a porthole cabin, ocean cruises offer a range of accommodations for every budget. With ample amenities, first-class restaurants, onboard spas and pools, and a daily dose of entertainment it's not hard to see why these are akin to offshore hotels.

    Top Destinations: AlaskaEcuador & Norway

What to Expect on a River Cruise

  • A cruise director and her group on a  walking tour shore excursion through a historic European city

    Hassle-free shore excursions

    Shore excursions are designed for a variety of travellers, ranging from the active-minded to the classic highlights. Group sizes tend to be small and many are included in the cost of your cruise. Travellers are encouraged to book their excursions at the time of booking.

  • An authetic cooking class onboard a wine-tasting cruise on the Douro in Portugal

    Entertainment and enrichment

    Enjoy endless opportunities for both entertainment and education onboard your cruise. Admire shows put on by local performers or learn from guest lecturers who provide expert insight into the destinations you'll visit.

  • A dinner show performance onboard a luxury cruise ship in Europe

    Exclusive can’t miss events

    You are cordially invited to receive exclusive access to incredible cultural events such as wine tastings in Austrian Heurigen, classical music concerts and seasonal events like the fairytale Christmas markets.  

  • A chef cooking up a 5-star michelin meal onboard a luxury cruise ship

    Exceptional dining

    Prepare for an experience rich in farm to table selections, casual on-deck BBQs, and fine-dining moments with al la carte options that will leave you always wanting more. 

  • Top class spa and fitness facilities onboard a river cruise ship

    Spa and fitness facilities

    Choose a cruise operator who offers wellness programs onboard and take part in morning yoga on deck or lifestyle guidance from trained professionals. Often, your ship will provide free bikes to use at each port, allowing you to explore your city stops with ease. 

  • The top, sun deck and pool onboard a Nile Cruise ship in Egypt

    Impressive amenities

    Part of the beauty of river cruises is the wonderful amenities often available on board. Relax in the jacuzzi or pool, enjoy a cappuccino in the Club Lounge, or simply indulge in the premium products in your own stateroom.

    River Cruise Tours & Trips  in Europe

    Glide along Europe's fairytale rivers

    If you’re wondering what it's like to explore Europe on a river cruise (or if you’ve been before but you’re feeling the calling to book another cruising trip), you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re teaming up with CroisiEurope to take you on a journey through captivating countries like FranceGermanyAustria and more! 

    If you’ve ever been on a river cruise, you know exactly why so many people fall in love with this style of travel. Not only does it allow you to explore several new destinations in one trip, but it also promises a completely stress-free experience from start to finish. Visiting a mix of iconic cities and postcard-perfect villages, many river cruise itineraries in Europe are ideal for first-time cruisers and seasoned cruisers alike.
    See European Cruises

    What Customers Think

    Best River Cruises in Europe

    Popular River Cruises Around the World

    Best River Cruise Experiences

    All good river cruise itineraries come with the option of on-land excursions packed full of culture! With many river cruise experiences all over the world, it's hard to narrow down where to go and what to do. Our Travel Experts have hand-picked the top experiences you must add to your river cruise itinerary.

    • European Christmas Market river cruises for couples and young adults

      Hop the European Christmas Markets

    • Exploring European castles at the Rhine Gorge on a river cruise

      See storybook castles on the Rhine

    • A pair of cyclists on a bicycle tour with a river cruise

      Go active with a Bike & Barge tour

    • Sipping Porto wine on a Portugal wine tasting river cruise of the Douro Valley

      Tantalise your tastebuds on the Douro

    • A passageway inside a tomb and temple, a popular site on a Nile river cruise in Egypt

      Journey back to ancient times

    • The colourful town of Menton in France on a Loire River Cruise for couples and young adults

      See a palette of colours in Provence

    A woman enjoying her luxury cruise on the Seine in Paris, france

    Complete luxury, no matter your budget

    Although we have a collection of luxury river cruises, a great advantage of choosing a river cruise tour is that all staterooms onboard have a river view so there are no "inside" cabins like you often find on ocean cruises.

    Stateroom size will vary greatly according to the cruise operator, even by ship within a cruise line's fleet. There are three types of accommodations on all river ships: window staterooms, balcony (french or full) staterooms, and suites (french or full, private balcony).

    Typically, river-level staterooms are on the lowest deck, balcony staterooms occupy the middle and top passenger decks and suites are generally on the top deck. See below for what to expect in a typical stateroom.
    See Luxury River Cruises

    Onboard Accommodation

    Staterooms vary from ship to ship, but one thing is certain; it's guaranteed to be your home-away-from-home for a few days. Let's get acquainted with some staterooms and suites that might be on your ship!

    • Typical Suite Stateroom onboard a river cruise ship


      Suites are often situated in the most desirable location on the ship: on the top deck either right in the front or back (for ultimate panoramic views) or midship (for stability). Typically suites are the largest of the staterooms onboard, some having more amenities than others. 

      Standard Size: 295 - 600 sq. ft.

    • Typical Dual Balcony Stateroom onboard a river cruise ship

      Dual Balcony Stateroom

      The Dual Balcony Stateroom combines your walk-out veranda and seating area with a french balcony to enjoy the sights while sitting indoors.

      Standard Size: 175 - 215 sq. ft.

    • Typical French Balcony Stateroom onboard a river cruise ship

      French Balcony Stateroom

      These staterooms will have a floor to ceiling glass door/slider that opens to allow fresh air to flow through. You will not be able to stand outside and there is no seating area outdoors.

      Standard Size: 175 - 215 sq. ft.

    • Typical Balcony Stateroom onboard a river cruise ship

      Balcony Stateroom

      Some ships offer a full-sized veranda and seating area outdoors through a floor-to-ceiling glass door. These balconies are generally 3-4 feet deep and 10-16 feet in length depending on the stateroom size.

      Standard Size: 175 - 215 sq. ft.

    • Typical Window Stateroom onboard a river cruise ship

      Window Stateroom

      These staterooms are on the lower level of the ship and the windows are positioned above water level. Please note that some operators refer to window staterooms as river-view rooms. The windows are usually about 5 feet above the floor, which is shoulder height for most. This window does not open.

      Standard Size: 125 - 170 sq. ft.

    • Typical Single Stateroom onboard a river cruise ship

      Single Stateroom

      This is a specially designed stateroom for solo travellers which has grown in popularity in recent years. The perk? Travellers don’t have to pay for a single supplement fee. Please note this category is extremely limited in availability and do not exist on all ships.  

      Standard Size: 120 - 160 sq. ft.

      Your River Cruise Questions, Answered

      • When will I recieve my travel documents?

        You can expect to receive your travel documents approximately 3-4 weeks prior to departure, once you have paid for your tour. Your documents usually consist of eTicket receipts, itineraries, and other essential information for your river cruise tour.
      • Are shore excursions and meals included?

        Most cruises on TourRadar include breakfast, lunch and dinner served on board, with the exception of only a few operators. Depending on your river cruise operator, shore excursions may be included within your tour cost, please contact your TourRadar Cruise Consultant for a full list of inclusions on your cruise.
      • When and where do I board the ship?

        All embarkation details are included within your final travel documents. Typically boarding starts at 3:00 pm to allow the crew enough time to prepare your stateroom and get the ship ready for your cruise. Weather, water levels, and ship scheduling can influence the final docking location for your ship, so please wait until you receive your final travel documents before you arrange any post-tour accommodation. 
      • Are transfers to/from the port included?

        Some river cruise operators include complimentary arrival and departure transfers within your total tour cost. If transfers are not included, please contact your TourRadar Cruise Consultant to purchase airport transfers.
      • What facilities will be in my room?

        Most staterooms feature a good-sized bed, towels, hairdryers, a writing desk, charging ports and ample storage space. Some ships also have laundry facilities onboard for an extra charge. Of course, these can vary from room-to-room and ship-to-ship, so please check out the Ship Details on your tour, or contact your TourRadar Cruise Consultant, to see the full list of inclusions.
      • Can I travel in a wheelchair?

        Some ships are unable to accommodate travellers in wheelchairs due to difficulties with embarking and disembarking the ship, no onboard elevators and narrow doorways on board. For travellers who use a collapsible wheelchair, they must be stored in the stateroom, which can sometimes be a tight squeeze. Please contact your TourRadar Cruise Consultant for more information.
      • Can I board the ship early?

        If the ship is already docked, many river cruise companies will allow you to store your luggage onboard prior to embarkation, this will allow you to explore the city before you begin your cruise. As the crew need to get the ship ready for your cruise, travellers are unable to stay on the ship during this time and need to wait until the embarkation time to board the ship.
      • Can I cruise as a solo traveller?

        Yes, absolutely - however, please keep in mind that ship cabins and staterooms are designed for double occupancy and do not offer the option to share with another solo traveller, so generally, a mandatory single supplement is required. The only exception is a cruise with U by Uniworld as they do pair solo travellers together on their river cruises. See tours with no single supplements

      Ask a TourRadar Cruise Consultant

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      Our dedicated Cruise Consultants are delighted to answer any questions you may have about cruises, pre-cruise preparations, onboard expectations and beyond. To reserve a place on your next cruise, simply submit an enquiry on the cruise of interest or contact our team today. 

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